Juan Manuel Escudero Baztán will visit Spaanse taal en cultuur at the Universiteit van Amsterdam later this year as Visiting Scholar.

Juan Manuel is Professor of Spanish Literature and full-time researcher at GRISO (Grupo de Investigación Siglo de Oro) directed by Professor Ignacio Arellano, as well as visiting lecturer at the Department of Modern and Classical Philologies at the University of La Rioja. He is also researcher at the CECE (Centre for the Edition of Classical Spanish Texts, directed by Francisco Rico, member of the Spanish Royal Academy).
He is a distinguished specialist in the work of Pedro Calderón de la Barca, and he has offered critical editions of some masterpieces, such as El alcalde de Zalamea or La cisma de Ingalaterra, and an extensive repertoire of papers and articles on various authors and motives of Golden Age theatre: Tirso de Molina, Lope de Vega, Juan Pérez de Montalbán, Antonio Coello, Bances Candamo, Pedro Rosete, the new art of making comedies, burlesque comedy, dramatic space in the primitive Golden Age comedies… Many of them have been published in specialized scientific journals of recognized prestige and within a peer review system. He has management experience in scientific journals such as the calderonian yearbook journal, Anuario Calderoniano, and participated in several research projects on the Spanish theatrical heritage, Tirso de Molina, Bances Candamo, burlesque comedies and Calderón de la Barca sacramental plays. Furthermore, his teaching duties have been developed for more than twenty years (as mentioned earlier) as a full professor and assistant professor at the University of Navarra, and the University of La Rioja. Although his specialization on several subjects connected with the theatre, prose and poetry of the Golden Age, he has also lectured in 20th-century Spanish literature and Hispanic American literature until the nineteenth century (with special consideration to Crónicas de Indias and colonial literature). He has taught courses for undergraduate students and also for postgraduate degree, and directed many end-of-degree, master’s and doctoral theses. Additionally, He has given many courses, seminars and lectures at foreign universities in Peru, Mexico, the United States of America, France, the Netherlands and Denmark.



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