MA student Justin Case to follow doctoral studies in Ottawa, Canada

Justin Case, a UvA student who wrote his MA dissertation under Dr Otto Zwartjes’ guidance will follow doctoral studies in Ottawa, Canada.
In my thesis, I focus on supporting recent, relevant research regarding the interpretation of ‘quality words’ – in English, and Spanish, these would be classified as adjectives – in the Tupi-Guarani language family using various excerpts taken directly from the earliest Portuguese and Spanish missionary sources (1595-1650 CE). There is a general consensus among linguists that these languages do not exhibit an autonomous adjective class, however there is a divide with respect to the nominal or verbal interpretation of such terms. My work is aimed at bridging the evidence presented in modern studies, on both syntactic and semantic levels of analysis, with information taken from the earliest recorded accounts of these languages.
arte brasil justin.jpg
My experiences in the MA program at UvA allowed me to develop my knowledge and academic skills, to network with specialists in the field and to prepare my CV for exciting PhD prospects. As an extension to the research that I performed at UvA, I will be continuing my studies at the doctoral level in Ottawa, Canada. This exciting opportunity will entail field work among Jê speakers in various Amazonian regions of Brazil where I will be describing un(der)-studied dialects.


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